We offer 9 different textures that will fit all of your extension needs. Our extensions are hand-made and created with a custom fit. There is no reason to worry, Michelle’s innovative techniques can help!

Wet & Wavy

Also called french refined, Wet & Curly, Super Wavy. This texture is extremely wavy, however can be blown straight, curled with hot rollers and pressed, it is also often used for weaving and braiding.

Soft Wavy

Softer than the Wet & Wavy texture. It features looser curls and is fuller than the Semi Wavy texture.

Semi Wavy

Also known as Spanish Wavy or Loose Wavy, when wet this texture will give a very loose wave. It can be rolled, pressed, blown straight, and dyed (light to darker colors).

Relax Straight

This texture has more body than a European Straight texture. It is a fine, straight, and soft texture. Suitable for any type of occasion!

Perm Straight

This straight texture resembles black hair after a perm. It can be hot curled and rolled. Hint of Yaky is blended into the texture.

Semi Straight

A very loose wave that is also a straight texture. This hair is very useful for any application, light and loose!

Kinky Straight

Resembles relaxed black hair or pressed hair. This texture is also blended with Yaky. Great for someone who wants a relaxed feel.


This is a very coarse and straight texture hair. It’s available in gray, too! It is 100% Organic!

Jeri Curl

This texture is available for braiding or weaving. It has very nice short and tight curls. The wonderful feel of the curls are sure to please!